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waking up to wake up someday

"So many people glorify and romanticize “busy”. I do not. I value purpose. I believe in resting in reason and moving in passion. If you’re always busy/moving, you will miss important details. I like the mountain. Still, but when it moves, lands shift and earth quakes."

— Joseph Cook (via maddierose)

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This is how to get through a long day.

This is how to get through a long day.

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"Yes, I do remember that I had something important to tell you. You won’t mind if I don’t, will you? I’d rather leave it unexpressed — it comes out too direct and scarily hollow."

— Virginia Woolf, from Selected Letters (via violentwavesofemotion)

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My desk this Valentines week: all the clutter from previous weeks, timelines, post-its taken down. 

What does your desk look like?

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last night

going with the flow of a french song not knowing what to feel and when or what most of the words mean it’s neat like this harmless but kind of fulfilling

not even looking at the screen just hearing loud typekeys making out desperate ticks in the midst of this acoustic rythmn

would have called him by now but the load was messed up it must be a good thing not to get near now it’s scary getting near builds up unfamiliar realities that merge with fantasies it gets coonfusing like that i’m tired of confusing

what am i doing with my life why am i not still i haven’t written a thing in nearly four years where in the universe did the damn words go and the thoughts that fueled them so feverish

wanna be alone down a well or up a tallest tree or suspended in the air with a parachute wanna shout like the wind rapes flowers make them dance happy

can you not get on that damn train whistling every hour it’s always there declaring itself hitch with it get lost if you aren’t a coward

cry a river for once or get drowned in happy capsules as if they’d go down your throat just by wishing


carrot cake and dublin things like that and cities so far away gentlemen nonexistent who’d open a car’s door ask you out to dinner after a good play right there is no such gentleman

do you wanna build a snowman it’s the winter games in sochi yeah all that figure skating would melt here it’s sultry summer so soon

of a dream having had a leg swollen with enormous ant bites now limping like it really happened

friends from a decade ago suddenly reappearing like a ghost and then lunches and dinners and dailly visits to each other’s apartment exhausted nobody got a clue about not wanting company for some while

crap loud sentimentless music trash boyfriends don’t wanna hear another thing turn it off turn off let’s drink wine instead til it hurts so good like a menstration

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